Free Bird Feeder Plans

It’s certainly undeniable that bird watching is one of the most sought after activity for the people who are nature lovers and desire to enjoy the simplicities of life. As the market is flooded with many ready-made bird feeders, so you can buy one of them as per your convenience and place them in the most convenient area of your home. But, if you desire to have the free bird feeder plans and have the intention to design it on your own, then it becomes a great option for having the wonderful opportunity to get the desired bird feeder with amazing efficiency.

Free Bird Feeder Plans

It’s really great that you can simply design a bird feeder which is a viable option instead of buying it, as it allows you to design it as per your requirements and the area where you need to place the bird feeder. You only need a handful of things to design your own bird feeder which makes it quite interesting for those people who plan to create the bird feeder for the first time. So, let’s take a look at Free Bird Feeder Plans as described below.


1. Material Required for the Hopper Bird Feeder

  1.  First of all you need to get the key requirements for your hopper bird feeder which includes the fence pickets, which should be 72 inches in length and 5 and half inch in width, and 5/8 inch in thickness. The fence pickets are the obvious choice for making the roof of the hopper bird feeder as these are quite inexpensive saying $2 per piece and easy to maintain. You must read all the requirements of squirrel proof bird feeders reviews.
  2. The next thing you need is pieces of pine board for making the end pieces of hopper bird feeder. So you can have pieces from the pine board having the size of 1*8, and 2 pieces with size of 1*2 for making the tray for bird seeds, and support for the perches as well as the screen.
  3. The other key materials you need are hardware tools such as wood screws with 1 and one- fourth inches, staples, brads, tacks, nails and glue.
  4. The screen material should be 14*16 Inch to evenly cover the tray with 10*12 inch measurement.
  5. You also need two polycarbonate sheets with size measuring 7 and a half inches *1 and a half inches, a pencil, saw, tape, screw driver and a glass cutter.
  6. You can also use staple guns, table saw, clamps, brad gun, and router and round over bit to give a finished appearance to frame and perches.

2. Making Your Own Bird Feeder

  •  First of all, you need to mark and cut the end pieces of a bird feeder by using a saw or a table saw as per your preference. Some people are lazy and for them they can birdfeeders online. The best squirrel proof birdfeeder is perky pet. You can read perky pet bird feeder reviews.
  • You should begin with hopper end pieces with 9*7 ½ sizes. Then mark the center with 3 5/8 inch measurement, and then marks 2cm each side and that too down from the top of the piece.
  • Then you need to draw a straight line from each side of the board to the bottom and then cut the board into 4 pieces.
  • The next step is to cut the end cap pieces of hopper’s roof. For this you need to take a board and cut the 3-inch pieces from it and then again cut this piece into two pieces. The measurement of these end caps would be 3*3 5/8.
  • Then bring the hopper end piece and put it above the piece that you have cut. Then you are required to bring the piece into the center and mark the top of the angles of end pieces along with both the end caps. You have to cut the shoulders of end caps and make a 90O cut on it.
  • The next step is to mark the 4 pieces of roof and square cut the piece with 16 inches length. The frame pieces should be marked and cut in square shape. Then mark the two hopper end pieces and go for cutting the kerfs from plexi- glass.
  • Then comes the assembly job as all the parts are ready to get assembled together to make your first bird feeder with the help of glue, screws and nails.
  • Your bird feeder is ready for your little friends.


Hence, by following these steps, you would have your Free Bird Feeder Plan ready to welcome your friends and you can put the bird seeds in the bird feeder. You need to be careful about the place where you desire to put the hopper bird feeder as its precise location would add to its usefulness and you’ll get numerous birds to watch and enjoy bird feeding.