Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table Review

Bosch has been a power house in engineering excellence for over a decade now. Their success lies in their consistent efforts at innovation and their timely product launches, not to mention their inspiring work ethic. Over the years they have developed strong power tools and accessories and have become leaders in the industry. It is no surprise that they have captured the majority of the market share and that they command an extremely loyal consumer base.

The Bosch RA1181 is the most popular and best-selling router table on Amazon. This Bosch benchtop router table is an extremely versatile wood working equipment. It has a large surface for woodworking and routing and is designed to fit a variety of routers. The dust collection port on the RA1181 measures 2-1/2 inches and offers more efficient dust collection that most other routers in this category. The table top is made from aluminum which lends durability as well as makes the table light enough to be portable.

Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

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This nifty router table is a great choice for handy dads and casual woodworkers. However, it is suited for heavy duty projects. For that you are better off investing in a more high calibre wood working tool.


The design of this versatile router table allows you to work with a variety of different materials while guaranteeing the highest levels of accuracy with every incision. The extra large aluminium fence on the top ensures that you can also deal with larger wood block with ease. The fence  features adjustable MDF face plates for better support and smoother operation. This router table is the Best Bosch benchtop router table available in the market.

The feather boards are simple to use and attach to the both the adjustable fence and the table top. These also lend extra control while inserting the stock across the routing table. R

Fence and Adjustability

 The fence is just incredible. It consists of adjustable MDF face plates that offer greater support and more reliable operation. The benchtop also carries mounting hardware with a tall aluminum fence with adjustable MDF face, two out feed shims, and an aluminum router mounting plate. A starter pin and guard for curving work pieces is also thrown in, along with a built-in cord wrap for easy storage and manoeuvring.

Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table Review

Dust Collection

 This Bosch RA1181 review table is really convenient because it offers a dust collection port through the fence that can fit into most industry 2-1/2-inch hoses. You can then connect these hosed to any collection house or shop vacuum. There is also an optional accessory slot that measures 3/4-inch by 3/8-inch which can be used to compensate for further boards as well as other optional accessories.

Best Features

 Benchtop router table is compatible with most routers

  • Includes 2 adjustable featherboards, dust collection port, dual outlet switch and 6-foot power cord
  • Aluminum fence with MDF face plates and aluminum router mounting plate
  • Includes mounting hardware for a variety of routers
  • Work surface measures 27-inches by 18-inches


 Bosch throws their one-year limited warranty, one-year service protection plan and 30-day money back guarantee.