BLADEZ U300 Upright Bike Review

The Bladez U300 Upright Bike is a great value bike and the perfect indoor exercise bike for you. Anyone who is a new entrant in the fitness world must definitely try this bike. It is new, sturdy and an elegant-looking bike. Seeing the price in which it is available, it is a storehouse of extensive features, put together in one machine. The bike weight is 57 pounds and is 39.4 inches long, 22 inches wide and 55 inches tall. It will definitely boost up your motivation levels and will do complete justice with your exercise sessions. Bladez U300 Upright Bike is multipurpose, convenient and compact as compared to other available bikes at the same price. It will make certain that you realize your fitness targets with ease and comfort.


Extensive workout Options and Resistance Levels

The Bladez U300 Upright Bike ensures workout of the full body as it is upright in position and works neck, back; and arms. It offers 16 levels of electronically operated magnetic resistance for carrying out an extensive range of workout intensities. You can adjust the intensity as per your stamina and can switch to a higher one once you have mastered one level.  Also, the changeover between intensity levels is flawless. It also gives 23 pre-programmed workout options, to choose from. This helps you in organizing and scheduling your routine workout sessions, step by step, as per your progress and resilience. This is quite an effective and useful feature of this bike.

Portable and Cheap

It is a boon for the people who do not have much space in their house for a gym as it allows easy storage and transportation within the confinements of your house. You can easily maneuver it anywhere and can also stock it up in the store room when not in use. The price in which it is available in the market, and the features that it offers, makes it the hot selling bike amongst the consumers. No other bike ensures such extensive features in this price range.

Features and Specifications

  • It’s comfortable and flexible seat makes it easier to have long workout sessions, without stressing the backbone. The seat can be adjusted Up, Down, forward or backward; as per the user’s size and shape.
  • 23 pre-programmed workout options.
  • 16 levels of electronically maintained magnetic resistance.
  • A good quality blue backlit LCD that offers lucid, crisp and easy to read graphics. It displays the workout statistics like RPM, Watts; calories burned, time, distance, speed, and heart rate.
  • The oversized pedals are provided with grips for safe use. They are nice and big and rule out any chances of slipping off through them. This avoids working-up the tissues of the feet, thus giving a comfortable ride.
  • The portability factor of this machine is very high and makes it the hot selling machine in the market.
  • It allows carrying heart-rate based sessions by providing contact heart rate grips.
  • It’s ultra smooth heavyweight flywheel provides steady momentum and silent magnetic resistance.
  • The Water Bottle Holder makes it convenient to stay hydrated during exercise as one tends to sweat and get dehydrated while exercising.


Customer Reviews

Having witnessed the splendor of this bike and its features through this article, it is surely the most wanted bike in the market right now. It takes care of the people’s pockets and provides them with a complete indoor gym. However, having said that, we do see some concerns that a few customers have with this bike. There is always a room of thought for all kinds of users, and some of them feel that a one or two more features could have added on to the USP (Universal Selling Point) of this bike. Since the bike is compact, its weight limit is also less, and it can bear up to 250Lbs. It is very normal for athletes to reach that weight.  It is also debated that the bike is usually not required to be moved very often. But, I feel that its compactness and sturdiness is its biggest selling point. No one wants to go in for bulky equipment anyway. Also, it is felt that this bike could have provided for a little more entertainment features like MP3 player, plug-in speakers, etc. Off course this would have raised the cost a bit. But, one can easily ignore such points because if you are determined to achieve your fitness target, such demands make no sense. So, on comparing, I feel its features and advantages ride over the above-mentioned concerns. After all, it’s a full package at an affordable price, which no other bike manufacturer can promise. So overlooking such trivial things is important.


The only drawback I found with this bike is that it does not cater to the needs of regular fitness enthusiasts. This is because their workout intensity levels are much higher and can only be realized in a full-fledged gym. It is just a starter’s bike and works wonders for them.


Bladez U300 Upright Bike is the best buy in any and every term. It will surely be an asset for all the fitness freaks, especially the ones who are just stepping into the world of being fit. It is usually an effort to get up and show up at the gym at the start and very hard to keep oneself motivated to go every day. But with this bike there will be no looking back! You can simply buy this amazing equipment and make your in-house gym that is small, inexpensive and is of high quality. It will cut down your gym expenses and transportation time. Its extensive features are well suited for all kinds of individuals and at this rate list; it has a superior value at a corresponding price. It will do full justice with each and every penny that you will spend to procure it. This reasonably priced product will surely bring excellent quality and worth to home exercisers. It is my strong recommendation to the reader to just go and buy this bike without wasting any time!